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Islam Expert: Netherlands Tolerates Muslim Excesses

March 25, 2007

Jansen, Professor of Modern Islamic Ideology at Utrecht University, characterizes the Dutch as inhabitants of “a peaceful enclave” who have, however, “forgotten that peace sometimes needs to be defended through violence”. A peaceful society that wishes to remain existent and stay peaceful “will have to find a way to defend itself through non-peaceful means from people who are not peaceful”, as the Arabist writes. “It will be hard to explaining this convincingly to all those respectable and friendly people in the (Christian coalition parties) CDA and ChristenUnie. And to the rest.”

Source: Islam Expert: Netherlands Tolerates Muslim Excesses

I disagree with the professor.  Peaceful force needs to be used.  It can be ‘violent’.  Have you ever heard of a spanking of an unruly son or daughter by a loving parent?  A peaceful, internal force which is intentional, willful and peaceful in motivation (parental) to change the Western culture’s headlong dive into a self made oblivion, with or without the assistance of the violent Islamic jihads.

Look at these points:

  • The Western vs Muslim demographic
      • West: diving below the demographic of 2  (not self sustaining)
      • Islam: Climbing to a demographic of 3, 4, 5, and 6 (inevitable expansion).
      • West: Zero Population Growth’s ‘man is the problem’ message
      • Islam: Polygamy is ok and have a lot of children
      • West: Global Warming’s ‘man is the problem’ message
      • Islam: Gladly sells the oil (side note: I wish the ecotypes would unleash their angst in the Middle East where there have at least one thing in common: Hatred for the West)
      • West: Women’s sexual rights message ‘man is the problem’
      • Islam: Three men must see a rape to have prosecution. Women ware the vials and have curfew. 
      • West: Abortion: Bad for demographics wouldn’t you say?!
      • Islam: Suicide bombers, yes and abortion no and it’s great for their demographics
        • The westerners live in fear and few babies still
        • On the average more westerners die than suicide bombers
      • West: Sexual liberation: Sex is great, so why bother with children, family or marriage
      • Islam: Sex make babies and that is good, stay within Sharia law.
      • West: Drug legalization resulting in “~”
      • Islam: Gladly sells the drugs
      • West: Empty Churches
      • Islam: Crowded Mosques
      • West: No worldview. No respect of religion, morality and creator. Just live peacefully, whatever you chose that to mean, with the materialistic relativism of Darwinism as the main religion.
      • Islam: Clear worldview, “Islamic world”. 

Personally, I like Jacob’s strategy.  He got the blessing, multiplied it and gave it to Esau.  Esau had 400 of his men ready to kill Jacob.  Instead Esau forgot about his desire to kill Jacob and hugged his brother who had just finished bowing 7 times.  Unfortunately for us, Jacob didn’t stick around to see if the rest of Esau’s tribe was equally smitten with this sudden change in Esau’s heart.

‘Giving’  or sharing of our possessions (things, industry, culture) by choice and as strategy to chage the vengeful to familial verses the coersion of fearful force via jihadic terrorism which results in the regretful giving of self, family and culture as Dhimma paying the Jezirah (Poll Tax) and living under the arbitrary application sharia law.  Not so bad?  Witness the history of Zorastorians as dhimma.  Now, why not act subjectively with the unification of God’s family at the root of our giving?  What do you think?

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  1. 1familyman permalink
    April 8, 2007 8:30 pm

    For four centuries Zoroastrianism was the state religion of the Sassanids, and it successfully met the challenge of nascent Christianity and, later, of heretical Manichaeism. In the mid-7th cent. Persia fell to Islam, and Zoroastrianism virtually disappeared.

    The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition Copyright © 2003, Columbia University Press. Licensed from Columbia University Press. All rights reserved.

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