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The Marriage Calculator

March 29, 2007


The Marriage Calculator: Financial Consequences of Marriage Decisions

The Marriage Calculator website provides a set of tools for assessing the financial consequences of marriage for low-income families. The Marriage Calculator tool allows users to see how taxes and public assistance may change when a couple’s living arrangement changes from living apart to cohabiting (both reported and not reported to government programs) to married. The State Policies Database allows users to search through tax and transfer program rules to learn how state policies influence the financial consequences of couples’ decisions. The Prepared Tables-all created by the Marriage Calculator-illustrate how incomes change upon marriage or cohabitation for sample families with a range of characteristics.

Source: The Marriage Calculator

Here is a cold, social, economic reality about families vs singularity.

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  1. July 14, 2010 4:13 pm

    In Alabama, child support is figured using Guidelines set out in legislation. These guidelines can be deviated from for good cause shown and if approved by a Judge, but for the most part, they stick to the formula; it’s pretty cut and dry. This is done not only in the spirit of fairness and equity to keep everyone’s support balanced, but also because of the sheer volume of Domestic cases coming through the Court system. If a Judge had to figure out every situation differently, nothing would ever get done, so they make a set formula to ensure speedy calculation. This is done in numerous other jurisdictions as well. In any event, it is always extremely important to get an Alabama Divorce Attorney . If one is curious about child support in Alabama, there are some up to date Alabama Child Support Calculator (s) out there that will give a pretty close approximation of what your support Order will look like.

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