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George Soros and the Dope Lobby – AIM

April 2, 2007

By Cliff Kincaid  |  March 23, 2007  (Accuracy In the Media)


Running for a spot on the Democratic ticket in 2008, New Mexico’s Democratic Governor Bill Richardson has decided to exploit the controversy over the firing of the U.S. Attorneys, saying that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales needs to decide if he is the nation’s lawyer, the peoples’ lawyer, or “the President’s political flack.” Richardson is in no quandary over whose interests he serves; he is a puppet of left-wing billionaire George Soros.

Richardson took $50,000 from Soros and one of his pro-marijuana front groups and successfully pressured the New Mexico state legislature into passing a fraudulent “medical marijuana” bill that offers false hope to sick people. Meanwhile, a leading British newspaper, The Independent, has now admitted, years after promoting the decriminalization of marijuana in that country, that the drug causes a loss of contact with reality, a condition known as psychosis, and other mental problems.


So far, we have not seen the emergence of any presidential candidate from either major political party willing to take on the Soros political machine and its medical marijuana scam.

In taking on Soros, of course, a candidate would have to take on a hostile media wedded to the notion that marijuana is a soft drug that has medical benefits. The media use the term “medical marijuana” regularly, even though the case for smoking a drug-laden plant to get healthy flies in the face of common sense and medical science.

But Steven Steiner of Americans for Drug Free Youth, who established the Soros Monitor website, is not afraid of Soros and his lackeys. When Soros was preparing for a 2004 speech before the National Press Club in Washington, Steiner grabbed the microphone in an effort to explain why Soros-supported drug legalization would only make the drug problem worse. Steiner was roughed up and led away, suffering a dislocated shoulder, a punch to the back, threats of more physical violence, and five hours in the hospital undergoing X-rays and other tests.

Accuracy in Media called the hospitalization of Steiner one of the most underreported or buried stories of 2004, even though it had occurred before a roomful of journalists.

At the National Press Club event, Steiner had held up a photo of his dead son, a victim of drugs. Today’s tragedy is that more such victims are being created in the name of helping the sick and dying. Our media are complicit in this dangerous campaign of lies and deceit.

Source: George Soros and the Dope Lobby – March 23, 2007

Let the New Mexico Reps know your heart in this matter.  Mr. Kincaid has done some excellent research.  Click on the above link to read the whole article.


Members of Congress

New Mexico’s Representatives – Congressional District Maps

The two senators from New Mexico are:

Sen. Bingaman, Jeff [D]

Sen. Domenici, Pete [R]

Rep. Wilson, Heather [R]

District 1 – Map

Rep. Pearce, Steven [R]

District 2 – Map

Rep. Udall, Tom [D]

District 3 – Map

And finally, what purpose motivates George Soros’s agenda of loving the earth over the life affirming value of family?

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  1. August 23, 2010 9:50 am

    I think almost any substance can be abused and that it’s ridiculous that marijuana is illegal when it is much less dangerous when it is abused than when alcohol is.

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