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Evolution News & Views: Will SMU Faculty Debate Intelligent Design?

April 5, 2007


Will SMU Faculty Debate Intelligent Design?

Newsmedia are covering Discovery Institute’s invitation to SMU faculty to debate intelligent design. One Darwinist who urged against debating reportedly said: “ID and evolution are not two scientific theories to be weighed against one another, as if on a balance scale. One is a scientific theory, supported so massively and consistently by empirical evidence as to be virtually unassailable.” If that’s true, then the SMU faculty should have no trouble winning the debate, right? Since a recent Newsweek poll shows that at least half of Americans reject evolution, it would seem that Darwinists need to convince the public of the truth of their theory. Given that Darwinists (a) plainly have a need to convince people that evolution is true, and (b) claim that evolution is “virtually unassailable,” it will be most interesting to see if they are willing to debate.

Source: Evolution News & Views: Will SMU Faculty Debate Intelligent Design?

I will monitor this development.  Forthright debate is healthy for both sides as long as they desire to find the truth.  Phrases like “virtually unassailable” are troublesome.  I say, bring it on.  George Soros and his debate savvy troupe should not be far away.

4/7/07 UPDATE:  NO.   According to some SMU Professors


SMU profs ID their problem–hypocrisy

Southern Methodist University professors should be ashamed.  <<snippet>>

First, they complained that their school (and my alma mater) was the leading candidate for the George W. Bush Presidential Library.  The professors worried that the library and a proposed conservative think tank might stifle academic freedoms and decrease the reputation of their second-tiered university. 

So what have some of these protectors of academic freedoms done now?  They are asking the SMU administration to “shut down” an Intelligent Design conference scheduled at the university in April.  

Source: The Pine Blog » SMU profs ID their problem–hypocrisy

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  1. April 7, 2007 9:48 pm

    I spotted this article. It would be nice to have Michael Ruse who is the Lucyle T. Werkmeister Professor of philosophy at Florida State University and the author of many books on evolution, including The Evolution- Creation Struggle. He is a fellow of both the Royal Society of Canada and the AAAS as a debater at SMU. Here’s his article.

    Certainty and Doubt

    Science & Spirit – Quincy,MA,USA
    As a historian and philosopher of science, and (to be immodest) an expert on Charles Darwin and evolutionary theory, I have been brought into the …

    . . . So there am I, all alone in the world. I don’t believe. I don’t hate. I don’t feel guilty. What a mess. And no one to blame but myself—and God, of course.

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