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Zambia’s Monze Catholic Priest found dead mysteriously, by African News Dimension

April 9, 2007


The church in Monze had come under heavy media criticism two years ago after a named catholic Christian Brother at Monze hospices and another diocesan priest at St. Mary’s Parish were accused of breaking up marriages through their adulterous affairs with married women.

The Brother has since been relocated to another institute outside Zambia while the Priest has been put on suspension pending expulsion depending on the evidence brought before the Council of Bishops at the Catholic Secretariat in Zambia’s capital Lusaka.

Diocese Bishop Emilio Partriaca is facing huge challenges with a number of his Priests embroiled in sexual scandals escalating since he took office close to four years now from late Paul Lungu who died two years earlier in a road traffic accident.

Celibacy and chastity have been critical issues of debate universally in the church since former Arch-Bishop of Lusaka Emmanuel Milingo was ex-communicated by the Vatican last year for anointing the marriages of four Bishops in New York, US.

AND – Correspondent, Livingstone, Zambia

Source: Zambia’s Monze Catholic Priest found dead mysteriously, brought to you by African News Dimension

Another man of the cloth is hijacked by misuse of love.

It is well that Arch-Bishop Milingo is noted here.  Married priesthood would solve many problems.  He started  ‘MARRRIED PRIESTS NOW’  movement.  Could Milingo be o the right track?  What do you think?

The Family Party supports Milingo’s proactive effort to move towards recognizing  family as the primary sacrament of love.  A priesthood moving towards the family fixes the family more firmly in its rightful position.  We encourage responsible dialogue with the leadership of the Catholic Church as lives of priests and the faithful are in the balance.

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