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United Press International – Moscow mull idea of $65B Serbia-Alaska Rail Tunnel

April 22, 2007

 Energy – Analysis: Bering Strait Tunnel from Folly to WOW

UPI Energy Correspondent
Moscow mulls idea of $65B Siberia-Alaska rail tunnel

The Russian government is considering building a $65 billion rail tunnel from Siberia to Alaska, the world’s longest undersea tunnel.

Moscow said it is seriously considering supporting a megaproject to build a 63-mile-long tunnel bored under the Bering Sea from Siberia to Alaska, and create a rail link from the tunnel’s terminus to Fort Nelson, B.C., Canada’s Times Colonist reported.

The idea initially started as a dream floated in 1905 by a Russian czar but is now being revived by a consortium of Russian companies that wants to create a conduit to send Siberia’s vast oil, gas and hydro-electricity resources to North America . . . <snippet>

Source: United Press International – Energy – Analysis


Machines like the telephone existed before Alexander Bell’s efforts. 

However, Alexander knew why his invention was important and the society had advanced enough to comprehend the value of his invention. Even now there will be much effort made to explain the value of the Bering Strait tunnel.  People may not comprehend the Bering Strait Project from a purely nationalistic perspective.  When society has risen beyond nationalism there is hope this project’s value will appear.  The United Nations exists.  Can this entity help?  Maybe.   My prediction:  This Bering Strait project will become reality when society goes beyond nationalism.

In 1867 Americans called Seward’s purchase of Alaska from Russia, “Folly, Seward’s Folly“. See Check used to pay for Alaska .  Now Americans say, “WOW”.   130 years later people may say the Bering Strait Project is “Folly”.  I hope the project movers and shakers persevere through the punditry to hear the World eventually say, “WOW”.

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