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High School shows students “Inconvenient Truth” film

April 24, 2007

Now playing: Sean Hannity Chris Horner and Bob Beckel about Global Warming.

My daughter said her High School showed an auditorium full of sleepy students the “Inconvenient Truth” about sexual abstinence before marriage, oops, global warming.  She ask me what I thought about the Inconvenient Truth and Global Warming. 

My point:

Yes, man contributes to the heat in the atmosphere, however, not in the significant amounts which would account for “global warming”. 

A better explanation: Look for more significant contributors.

The earth goes through cycles of cooling, ice ages, and warming, sweat.  Those cycles can be major ones which are approximately 11 thousand years from peak to peak. 

Hmmm, does that mean Sodom and Gamorrah burned up because of global warming  . . . 6000 years ago?  I digress. 

So, global warming is more a result of big players like the Sun, Moon, Earth’s elliptical orbit and subtle cyclic variations in that orbit allowing the sun to shine on the radiant heat absorbing oceans.  These are the significant players in global warming.  With time-tunnel vision you would miss how these significant contributors to the earth’s temperature far out weigh the heat generated by the world’s human population.

The world’s population, if bunched up all together as families of five and each family had 1000 sq ft living space, would occupy the whole of Texas.  Hot in Texas maybe but the whole world?

A father’s final answer:

No, man is not the major contributor to global warming.  Better yet, focus more on why Sodom & Gomorrah burned up.  Now, that is an inconvenient truth!

What do you think?

And now a blessing for the high priest of fear, Al Gore. 

May he soon find peace in his private jet, and 4 houses.

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  1. Mari permalink
    April 26, 2007 8:16 am

    Can you believe Al Gore was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? How is the promotion of emitting less carbon dioxide an effort in creating PEACE among human beings? Plus, GW’s legitimacy is still being widely contested! Wasn’t it a few decades ago that everyone was worried about another Ice Age? Please.

    Al Gore’s nomination is an embarassment.

    • 1familyman permalink
      June 23, 2009 12:52 pm

      You got that right. Just wait til you read ‘Atlus Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand. You’ll be pinching yourself, thinking you are in a dreamscape with deja vu experiences ever present.

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