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Looking Around: Religious Literacy Needed

April 25, 2007

Now playing: Stephen Prothero – Religious Literacy (Unabridged), Part 1 has been an outstanding source on information.  This latest discovery was from a close friend, Vance.  His enthusiasm caught me.  With a short listen to the sample of the book I had to eventually hear the rest.  Now I am in my second listening.  This book holds a key to guiding parents who want to do more than shake their head in despair as we see the culture around us going down the emo drain. 

Anyone who thinks that religion is dying the “God is Dead” death of the 70’s is watching too much TV.  Ignorance of religion is ignorance of the what is shaping the 21st Century. 

What do you know about Islam? Sunni?  Shia?
How did the separation of Church and State become a by-word in America and why?  Would you believe it was well intentioned religious society?
What is the difference between a Methodist, Baptist, Catholic and a Unitarian?
How difficult is it to teach the history of America mentioning religion as “narrow minded”, “the intolerant”, “the irrelevant.”
Do you believe we need to know about the world’s religions to see our way through events of the day.
Religion is implicated at every turn in events of the day.  Why? How can you discern if you are religiously illiterate?
What kind of family man was Jesus?
What do Seiks and Buddhists hold dear?
Curiosity peeked? You won’t be disappointed.  Get this book.

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