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Intelligent Design is reflected in the Arts: idarts.Org

April 26, 2007

Now playing: intelligent design Intelligent Design and the Arts

On this episode of ID The Future we have Dennis Wagner, executive director of the Access Research Network. Dennis discusses the launch of ARN’s new website on intelligent design and the arts, Dennis explains how artists such as Jody Sjogren reflect the greater design of the universe in their work. IDarts includes examples from literature, poetry, music, theater, film and painting to explore this exciting new movement.

Here Dennis Wagner shares  his thoughts about Jody Sjogren, reverse engineering and the creative process as it relates to intelligent design.  

<<a few snippets >>

Jody Sjogren, “ Art is the evidence of design.”   Creative process is revealed in art.  The universe begins with a thought.  Interestingly enough we reverse engineer a lot of our so called inventions/creations.  You can’t reverse engineer something that was not engineered in the first place.

Something to think about as you plan your next project, outing, vacation, and the Bering Strait Tunnel.

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