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Bering Strait Bridge/Tunnel : Connect the Human Family

May 3, 2007


Rev. Moon encourages the construction of the “World Peace King Bridge / Tunnel”, a 51-mile link to connect East and West, North America and Asia. “This bridge can help make the world a single community,” he says.

Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of State, William H. Seward believed it was important for America to go with the flow of human history. Moving ever-westward from its near east origins, Seward believed human civilization had picked up America and was now turning it westward towards the Orient where the country would find its true destiny. He advocated building a trans-continental railroad and the purchase of Alaska.

This “Manifest Destiny” of America took a different expression in the twentieth century. Presidents like Wilson, Roosevelt and Kennedy labored to make the world safe for democracy in three world wars. The Berlin wall collapsed, but the need to build bridges of peace, literally and metaphorically, still remain.

The Bridge/Tunnel project can connect the human family, promote mutual prosperity with Russia and the world by developing partnerships along democratic ideals.

Traditional maps create the impression of a great distance between America and Russia (below rt). In a bird’s eye view over the north pole (below lft), the two nations are very close neighbors.












Interfaith leaders join Rev. Dr. Moon in calling for America to build the Bering Sea Bridge/ Tunnel 

Rev. Moon is hitting on all the spiritual hot buttons of contemporary society, including peace in the Middle East, fighting AIDS, marriage and family, interfaith relations, homosexuality, and what is more, he has never pulled his punches.  Building bridges of peace in all of their forms is the mission.  The time has come for America and the world to move in a new direction to end the historical conflicts between races and nations.

Reverend Darryl Gray
United Church
Montreal Canada


Rev. Moon has been building bridges all his life. African-Americans know of his efforts to bring the races and religions of the world together, and we have worked with him here and in the Middle East as Ambassadors of Peace. It comes natural that he would now launch this visionary appeal to physically unite the world in a project that demands peaceful cooperation.
Archbishop George Stallings
African American Catholic Church
Washington, D.C.


Rev. Moon’s efforts bringing thousands of pilgrims of every faith to Israel in just one year have done more to advance peace than ten years of talking and discussing roadmaps.
Dr. Eleazar Glaubach
Former City Councilor
City of Jerusalem, Israel


Through the efforts of Dr. Sun Myung Moon, I have come to love Jews and Christians as my brothers and sisters. We are now pursuing the realization of the founding spirit of America that respects all races, faiths and ethnicities.
Imam Haitham Bundakji
Islamic Center of Orange Country, CA 


Fact tid bit:

Proposed (Bering Strait)            51 miles long

Under construction (Shanghai)  36 miles long

Present Largest (New Orleans)  23 miles long

Source: Kingship1

Here is some more on the concept from the Democractic Underground.Com Bulletin Board’s Dr. Phool (monicer)  and many other posts at this thread: This could mean tens of thousands of jobs, world’s longest tunnel.…
The Bering Strait Bridge Idea <<snippet>>
The most recent reference is found in a Washington Times article. It mentions Sun Myung Moon proposing such project in rallies across the USA. The vision of crossing the Bering Sea by car or train fits into his plans to build a highway across the world.

Good ideas need real leaders to come into being.  What do you think?

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  1. Clopha Deshotel permalink
    August 23, 2008 4:31 pm

    Wit the new Global Edition of the board game “Monopoly” and the 22 cities used there, new discussion of the Bering Strait Project can start?

    Many cities you would expect are in that list, but so are these: Riga, Latvia; Belgrade, Serbia; Kyiv, Ukraine’ Gdynia, Poland

    Hope to hear back from you.

    Families can be organized into groupings for mutual support, or clusters – but I like the use of the term “trinity” that is credited to Tertullian and used mostly by theologians. Families could be arranged into trinity support groupings in efforts to strengthen them.

    • 1familyman permalink
      June 23, 2009 12:58 pm

      Hello Clopha, Thanks for the comment. Things are getting hot with the contest. I am trying to generate some interest here in Miami among the students. Your input is helpful. =)

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