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DBS or Dissappearing Bee Syndrome

May 3, 2007

Some of my own thinking here. . .

How about movement in the earth’s magnetic fields as a cause for this bee dilemma. The bees go out, get lost, become exhausted and die. Look for dead bees far from their hive. If this is true, then look for anomalies in migratory species, like Swallows, not going to Capistrano or many birds floating in the sea. Why? The magnetic field characteristic of the migratory mechanism — think needle-in-a-bowl compass — is no longer the same and therefore, natural, instinctual response to such stimulus will resonate with those magnetic anomalies and magnetic storms resulting in “DBS” or “disappearing bee syndrome”.

I’m making this up. Maybe late night “Coast to Coast” radio program will call me up to be a guest. Let’s continue.

The phenomena is appearing over too broad of an area with similar events, unexplainable disappearance of bees from their hives. Chemicals are not that well distributed and used. Hmm. . . dog food . . . melamine? I might have to take that back.

Cell phones? Homing devices? Whatever. How many have you seen in areas near bees? Don’t live near bee hives? Use your imagination.

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