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Pope Exhorts Abstinence, Monogomy to Tens of Thousands in Brazil

May 11, 2007

1FamilyMan says, ” This <<snippet>> is an example of leadership sorely needed today.  This kind of guidance is helpful for building better families and societies where people enjoy the benefits of self restraint chosen for greater purpose. What do you think?  And a big thanks to LA Times and staff writers, Patrick McDonnell and Tracy Wilkinson for this report.” 

By Patrick J. McDonnell and Tracy Wilkinson, Times Staff Writers  May 11, 2007

Tens of thousands of young people, traveling here from across South America, greeted the pope at Sao Paulo’s Pacaembu soccer stadium. He sat on a red and gold throne and watched a parade of samba dancers and musicians offering a display of Brazilian culture.
Benedict is on the second day of his first pilgrimage to the Americas, where he hopes to shore up the declining Roman Catholic Church and its traditional family values on a continent with a more relaxed interpretation of those values.
The pope told his youthful audience to eschew premarital sex, remain monogamous in marriage, care for the elderly and serve as examples of Christian conduct in social and professional relationships.
“Be men and women who are free and responsible. Make the family a center that radiates peace and joy. Be promoters of life, from its beginning to its natural end,” he said.

Source: No premarital sex, pope tells Latin youth – Los Angeles Times

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