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International Highway Is Overcoming Man-Made Barriers

May 15, 2007

To entice the North to allow the crossing, South Korea has offered some $80 million in aid for its light industries. It has already built cavernous and now idle stations near the border in anticipation of regular rail runs.
South Korea has built the rail links in order to serve two projects its has built in the North.
One is a mountain resort on the east coast and the other is a factory park the South sees as a model of economic integration where its companies use cheap North Korean labour and land to produce goods.
Eventually, South Korea said it wants to send passengers and cargo into China and Russia and link with the Trans-Siberian railway.

Two Koreas take 56 years to go 25 km on rail trip | World | Reuters.

I predict: 

This system will connect with the Bering Strait Tunnel Project.  What do you think?

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