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Darwin’s Tree of Life

June 26, 2007

Hello.  I’m reading from P.I.G. Series: Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design’s Chapter 2 ( WHAT THE FOSSIL RECORD REALLY SAYS ).  The graph below was referenced.  I found this excellent presentation from the Darwinist perspective at the  ScienceBlogs site which hosts the following blog from ‘Living the Scientific Life’ (Scientist Interrupted) aides your understanding of the debate.   Be sure to visit the ‘interesting animation’ hyperlinked below.  Here’s hoping the ‘grrlscientist’ who is unemployed will soon find a rewarding profession. 

I found a really interesting animation that demonstrates evolution of “Darwin’s Finches” (Flash required, 515kb).

This animation is interactive, and is based on the only figure (above) that appeared in the first edition of Darwin’s groundbreaking book, On The Origin of Species by Natural Selection. This diagram, a family tree or phylogeny, was printed on an oversized page that had to be folded out of the book to be seen, which was a difficult and expensive task for the printers of the day. This diagram appeared as some of the material in Chapter IV, The Divergence of Character, and inspired five pages of text that explained how to read it.

Source: Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Darwin’s Tree of Life

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  1. Andrew Vance permalink
    July 3, 2007 5:13 pm

    In the age in which we are living, all the debris that have accumulated around Truth must be brushed aside , for all Truths become loaded with ideas, organizations, which grow up in the heart of devout people, but which have no relation really to the Truth itself. And so today we live in a time when men know a great many facts, but they haven’t learned how to identify these facts, this data ,with ideals. And a scientific knowledge without philosophical reflection can result in emptiness. And that is what we face.

    You cannot limit God. And you cannot limit the possibilities of man, because man has within him an individualized part of God, of the Infinite. But if you try to build a life, a philosophy, or a religion only on those facts which you are able to perceive through your senses, and if you rely only upon sensory perception and experience, you will not find the Truth.

    Scientific facts are important, but in themselves they tell you nothing. Scientific facts become meaningful only when they are used against a vast background of ideas and ideals. Therefore, what I am saying is that the Basic Truths are that God is and that man is his creation —and being God’s creation began as a perfect being but through environmental conditions and through ignorance and — sometimes because of instinctual promptings which overpowered his divinity — man has lost that perfection which he had as a creature of God. And man himself has created a dual universe.

    There is a great confusion in the minds of men everywhere because ancient formalism, traditions are being struck down in the light of new knowledge. We have almost reached the point — worldwide as men, incarnate men — where we seem to know everything, but understand nothing.

    • 1familyman permalink
      June 23, 2009 12:40 pm

      Thanks Andrew, for your thoughtful comment. I agree there is a lot of confusion. People who know better need to advance society so much so that the ‘science’ to the contrary is drowned in a sea of joy. Let’s work together to advance the results of living in harmony with the truth. =) Thanks again for your comment and keep’em coming.

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