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Is God Good for Man? Spirited Dialogue Kit | citizenJoe

July 9, 2007

 Current mainstream media buzz is similar to this dialogue starter from CitizenJoe which is more a statement against God-believing and support for agnosticism.  Anyway, how is a robust conversation supposed to start without some kind of statement?  This is as good a start as any.  Shall we begin?

Is God good for Man?

From Spirited Dialogue Kit.

We tried an unconventional Spirited Dialogue, in which we stepped away from mundane world of policy and dipped into metaphysical waters, asking the big questions – “Is God good for Man?” and “What’s up atheists’ butts these days?”

Christopher Hitchens has picked up the mantle of earlier atheists like Richard Dawkins, publicly arguing that not only is it irrational to believe in god – it also is bad for our health and safety. Theists respond that atheists miss the mark on faith and wonder if a godless world would be any better. Agnostics are, well, agnostic.

Two speakers – one who played the role of a benign Hitchens, and one who is a seminarian turned attorney – lead off our discussion in which we ultimately determined if, you know, god exists – or at least whether there’s any merit to atheists’ anti-god crusade.

Given this is a sensitive topic, you really want to keep everyone following the “be nice” rule – but if you do, you’ll be guaranteed a fascinating discussion.

Source: Spirited Dialogue Kit | citizenJoe


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