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Thoughts for Sunday July 15th, 2007

July 18, 2007

What I heard at church.


With crutches he moves slowly to center stage with his violin.  Seating himself raising his violin He begins to play.  About half way through the piece a string breaks.  Without stopping Itzack adjusts, and makes the crippled violin produce the expected beauty. Later, Itzhak answers a question about the incident, “Sometimes when offering a work of beauty the experience is so intoxicating everyone and everything performs beyond limit.  Today it happened with me, my violin and the audience.”

Our pastor said that when this story was researched he found that the story was really Urban Legend.  However, didn’t we all feel this ‘broken’ story SHOULD be true?  It OUGHT to be true.

A MARVELOUS STORY THAT IS TRUE: The Clinical Psychologist and the Ward for the criminally insane. (I’m still a bit incredulous but will post as true while I verify this story.)

A certain Ward for the Criminally insane was suffering greatly.  People were leaving and inmates were becoming permanent residents as well as getting worse.  The staff seemed to live in a state of constant fear and not allow any inmates behind them.  In desperation a new Psychologist was assigned to turn the Ward around.   When the new psychologist arrived be began by studying all the reports and lab reports on the inmates.  Six months later the ward had improved.  When asked what was the method he used to accomplish this turn around the psychologist replied, “Reading each inmates history I found the same within myself and said out loud with the inmate in mind, “Please Forgive me, I am Sorry.”  Then saying, “I care for and appreciate you.”  All this went on behind the scenes yet the atmosphere of trust grew between the psychologist, inmates and staff with healthy consequences.  Again, this is a story we feel should be true, and it is.  This reflects on how we approach problems in daily life.


My Thoughts:

Both stories are about overcoming limitations.  The later frames the mindset necessary to really heal and move toward the world intended by the creator from the very beginning:   One family, the creator’s family, where we have realized we must fulfill our portion of response-ability.  The ability to see first our intended relationship opens the door to solving all problems and creating beauty for all to enjoy.


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