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Stephen Prothero: Religious Literacy is Vital or Not

July 23, 2007

 Without religious literacy culture, and civic harmony will decline.  You will hear more and more about Stephen Prothero.  He brings forward the need for Religious Literacy with historical insight, tactful application and vision for a change of course.   His work sheds light on the present morass of “. . . all religions are myths, are the same, are makers of war/oppression and therefore there must be constant vigilance for the separation of church and state. . .  ”  type thinking. Here are some clips from his web site.  

Do you think religious literacy is important?  I ask my own son about Sodom and Gomorrah.  “What is that?”, he said.

Mallard Fillmore On Religion and Education

You know Stephen Prothero’s book is striking a chord when . . .

Time Magazine Cover Story on “Religious Literacy”

“The Case for Teaching the Bible”: April 2, 2007 “Time Magazine” cover story by religion writer David Van Biema explaining “Why We Should Teach the Bible in Public Schools (But Very, Very Carefully).” Van Biema is a great reporter, and this piece is well researched, well written, and timely. “Religious Literacy,” writes Van Biema, “presents a compelling argument for Bible-literacy courses.” He then devotes the rest of the article to exploring that argument.

Source: Stephen Prothero: News


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