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June and July 2007 Jihad Terrorism in America

August 5, 2007

 A friend asked, “Why do you blog about jihad and shriah so much?” 

  • When mainstream media and many politicians beguile the public into believing that Muslims are being persecuted and need protection and support
  • When “90%” Muslim” community is ineffectively organizes to overcome the influence of “10%” Islamic radicals and their actions
  • When the source of Islamic inspiration itself is filled with death and dimities for non-believers ( in Islam)  of the world
  • When family member can kill another family member for Islam and perceived as admirable within the Islamic community
  • When how to distribute booty from battles with infidels is a substantial part of Koranic focus
  • When a friend can kill and infidel “friend” with righteousness in his heart then . . .

I am blogging about . . .

This week (Aug. 3, 2007): The Columbus Mall Plot

7/23/2007: KSM’s Brooklyn Bridge Plot
7/16/2007: Hamas’ Operations in North America
7/9/2007: Irhaby007’s American Connections
6/25/2007: The PATH Tunnel Plot
6/18/2007: The East Coast Buildings Plot
6/11/2007: The Illinois Shopping Mall Plot
6/4/2007: The L.A. Plot to Attack U.S. Military and Jewish Targets
6/4/2007: The Miami Plot to Bomb Federal Buildings and the Sears Tower

Source: Counterterrorism Blog


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