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Video: Children Taught to Murder

August 5, 2007

Little Green Footballs Blog presented this video. Go to their site to read more about the trial.  I have presented this to show what has become of the family.  Notice that the “audience” voices are those of children. The video  intends to teach children to . . .  “Kill the enemy and do not fear the consequences because it is for your country.”  What can the future become if the direction the family follows now is propelled with emotion unguided by the light of conscience.    I believe the conscience is beyond national, racial and historical boundaries.  Family is beyond boundary. What do you think? 

Video: HAMAS Underground

This is one of several video exhibits released in the terrorist-financing case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF); it was found buried in the backyard of the former home of Fawaz Mushtaha, an unindicted co-conspirator in the case: HAMAS Underground.


(Video player requires Flash Player.)

Later in the skit the audience repeats a line sung by Mufid, “The people of Palestine do not die. No matter how many you kill, O pimp.” Mufid then responds, “I will make your casket, and dig your grave in Jenin.”

The skit ends as Mufid Abdulqader pulls out a gun and shoots the “Jew,” killing him. He then concludes: “God forbid that we put down our weapons; for sake of the country death will become easy.”

Source: lgf: Video: HAMAS Underground


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