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Great Promise for A World in Danger

September 4, 2007


So, that is why it is not a surprise, that at the beginning of this year, in April, the Russia government was playing, actually very consciously, “the LaRouche card,” by inviting Lyn to be one of the major speakers at a conference on the Bering Strait. And this was a fantastic conference, where the idea was put on the table that a 6,000-km railway line would be built, connecting the Trans-Siberian Railway to a 100-km kilometer tunnel underneath the Bering Strait, to Alaska; from there through Canada, then into the United States, and then down to Chile. And people were very, very excited, discussing that this is really part of a world grid of infrastructure connection. And that you would build the maglev train, and that soon, it would be cheaper, and quicker, to go by maglev from Acapulco in Mexico, via the Bering Strait, all the way to Mumbai in India!

People were totally excited. They also discussed the idea of developing infrastructure under Siberian permafrost conditions, because, as you know, in Siberia and northern Russia, there are some of the richest mineral and raw material reserves in the world, and it’s very difficult to develop them, because of the Arctic climate. But with modern technology, you can actually develop this region, and that’s exactly what’s on the agenda. But you need thermonuclear fusion, you need nuclear energy, and therefore, you need a real revolution in science and a science-driver which would come along from that project. It is so gigantic, that it really would be a springboard for reviving the world economy.

So, the Russian government did that very deliberately, as a war-avoidance policy, and as a signal, that an alternative to the collapsing global system is really possible.

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Source: Great Promise for A World in Danger


The Minneapolis bridge collapse has awaken an interest in public-private sector investment in infrastructure.  The Bering Strait project is an excellent example; a land bridge connecting the world community.  What do you think?

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