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Google Apps Gets Important Endorsement

September 10, 2007

I use these apps and they are robust features and ease of use for the computer savvy type is a great blessing.  The Google Online desktop is worth the effort.  Using them will aid any project in which collaboration and sharing is a must before arriving at the target.

AP reports that Google Apps gained more credibility as “technology consultancy Capgemini will begin recommending Google Inc.’s online suite of office software to its corporate customers. (…) Capgemini, based in Paris, France, influences the type of software used on more than 1 million personal computers in companies worldwide. Its major customers include drug maker Eli Lilly & Co. and accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.”
While this doesn’t mean Google is going to get a lot of new customers, the awareness of Google Apps will increase. Capgemini will explain the advantages of a hosted solution and will provide ways to integrate it with the current systems.
“SaaS solutions, such as Google Apps Premier Edition, provide a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy alternative to installed, licensed desktop software; they are delivered over the Internet via a Web browser and do not require companies to install or maintain software locally, or to tap into internal IT resources. Having the ability to share, review, and edit data in a collaborative environment on the Web naturally serves the needs of Capgemini’s enterprise clients with multiple facilities, global locations and distributed employees,” detailed Capgemini in a press release.

Source: Google Apps Gets Important Endorsement


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