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Dr. Sue’s Inspiration from the Tribeca Family

November 15, 2007


American Gangster  (The Movie)

“A man I know in Brooklyn observed Lucas was just another low-life. 
I knew Frank Lucas in Harlem. 
Why’d they make a movie about him?  Why don’t they make movies about what we’re doing right?
Point taken.  Where is the blockbuster about the school kid who, against the odds, gets to class every day and graduates on time? 
The story about the family in the shelter who gets a house and succeeds? 
The ordinary family in Harlem just doing the ordinary things of life?
There have been some, of course.  But Hollywood does not tell many of them.
Those stories rely on you and me. 
The addictions counselor who helps a client stay clean. 
The urban teacher who goes the extra mile with her class. 
The social worker who secures a heating oil discount for a senior. 
They won’t earn in thirty years what Denzel or Russell made on American Gangster.  BlessingsAndProtectionForYou
And the agencies they work for won’t see what the producers clear.
They rely on you and me.
American Gangster could cost you $25 after you figure in popcorn, beverage and transit. 
Same goes for Fred Claus or any other big holiday release.  Hollywood counts on us.
But so do the soup kitchens, service agencies and after school programs. 
Have you got $25 for any of them this season?  Their stories should get told, too.
Lucas spent a few years in prison, consulted on the film and has given a TV interviews apologizing to the mothers for what he did. 
That’s a conversion story.  It is not part of American Gangster.
Like most stories of the heart, it relies upon you and me to tell it.

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