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Friend’s story supports natural way to resolve polyp dilemma

February 10, 2008

A close friend of mine relates the following experience . . .

I have been researching and testing ionized water the alkaline-acid balance in the body for the last 6 years. It was a joy to see the changes in myself and in others. When my wife was faced with 6 cm polyp in her colon and they found the focal active cells which the doctor said means they are pre cancerous they said she had to have 14″ of her colon removed. We then were able to talk to Dr Shinya who is considered one of the world’s experts and considered the father of modern gastric-ontology. She began drinking the ionized alkaline water 3-4 liters per day plus take ageless xtra and the greens powder for a month and she began to do Yoga and walk for exercise. One month later, she was check to see if they would have to remove the polyp, They found no focal active cells at all so they did not have to remove her colon!

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