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The Water Cure? There is no substitute

March 17, 2008

Why is this article here? Because I have come across 5 friends out of 40 who seem to fall within this category. Water is available. This article helps bring a key point home. Drink more water! I have been doing just that. Only trouble is . . . you HAVE to relieve your bladder more often. Well, that is an inconvenience I can endure for the peace of mind that I am making a proactive effort for my health and well being. My family appreciates that effort too. Not a bad idea.

There is much more to this article. There are many links associated with it. My effort is aimed at drinking more alkaline water. I use Ionways Athena (If you go to the Ionways link click of the informative flash video).

My effort is focused on:

  • Water, alkaline, consumption increase toward 50% of body weight in oz. each day
  • Nutraceutical supplementation which is naturally influencing my food/diet choices and
  • more sweaty exercise (I’m working on that. . . I have a desk job).

Chronic Disease Caused by Lack of Water

Mike: Let me start this next section by asking you about the correlation between water consumption and chronic disease. There are many diseases you mention in your books that are related to dehydration. I wonder if you can give our readers a brief of what the major diseases are and why they are aggravated or promoted by chronic dehydration.
Dr. B: Certainly, Mike. I have written a book called Water Cures and Drugs Kill. It’s a book that explains why dehydration is the cause of pain and disease, and how the pharmaceutical industry has camouflaged this information or covered it up and instead of letting people drink water, it advertises the use of their products, which actually do kill. Because recent figures have shown that prescription medications, when used according to the instruction of doctors, nonetheless kill over 106,000 people, and make 2 million people sicker than before taking the medication. And then there is another group who die from faulty prescriptions, incorrect prescriptions.
So between them, about 250,000 people die from drug-related problems, medication-related problems. This makes the drugs the use of drugs the number three killer processes in the country — protected and licensed killer process. After heart disease, which kills about seven or eight hundred thousand, cancer which kills about 500,000, drugs kill 250,000 people.
Mike: So it’s fair to say that pharmaceuticals, as packaged by modern medicine, are the third leading cause of death in this country.
Dr. B: Absolutely, and they are useless, because most of the medication they are using is to cover up symptoms and signs and complications of dehydration in the human body. The human body manifests dehydration by a series of symptoms and signs, perceptive symptoms of dehydration — in other words, brain senses dehydration, or tiredness when you haven’t done a good day’s work, or first thing in the morning when you want to get up out of bed and you’re tired, you can’t get up — that is a sign of dehydration. Then anger, quick reaction, depression, these are all signs of dehydration, when the brain has very little energy from hydroelectricity to cope with the information or take action. These are some of the perceptive signs of dehydration. Then the body has its drought management program, which are allergies, hypertension, diabetes, and also immune diseases.

The Water Cure: An interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj page 3 – No substitute for water You will have to register to get access to this article.

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