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John Adams’ Declarations of Dependence

March 19, 2008

Why is this here?  It demonstrates the value of family support for any great undertaking. 

John Adams’ Declarations of Dependence
Last night, HBO premiered the first two parts of its seven-part mini-series, based on the book by David McCullough, JohnAdamsdetailing the life of John Adams. Adams was a fierce advocate for justice and liberty, a leader among the founding fathers who went on to become our nation’s second president. What is most impressive about this series so far is how clearly it shows that Adams’ strength as a man and as a patriot depends upon the faithful love of his wife and family. John and Abigail Adams were loyal partners through times of immense difficulty. In one heartbreaking scene, Mrs. Adams is having tea with General George Washington. She humbly asks Washington to deliver her letters to her husband in Philadelphia. He assures her that he will add them to his official dispatches, telling her that everyone benefits from the wise counsel she gives to her husband. What Washington said was true then and remains true today. The family does not merely benefit its individual members, it is a source of strength to nations. Adams’ faithfulness to his wife and love for his children testify as much to the man he was as does his oratory. The series also offers a powerful rendering of the founders’ reliance on God. It continues every week for the next five weeks.

**Note to viewers: John Adams contains graphic violence. HBO offerings also feature some extremely objectionable material to which this production is a notable exception.

Additional Resources
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