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Ben Stein champions Intelligence and Debate

April 7, 2008

 Muller, Muller, Muller . . . Ben Stein is a courageous man of heart and conviction.  I applaud his efforts.  Be sure to visit this site and listen to the mp3 of his interview.  

If anyone has a picture of Ben Stein’s tennis shoes, mentioned in the interview, would you send me a copy?  I’d like to get a movement started wearing Ben Stein Tennis Shoes.

Stein talks Intelligent Design and other topics with the Missourinet Sunday, April 6, 2008, 10:00 PM By Brent Martin Actor Ben Stein has visited Missouri to promote his new film, a documentary called “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” He has sat down with the Missourinet to talk about it. You can call him an actor, or a presidential speechwriter, or an economist, or a game show host, or a columnist. Ben Stein ranges far and wide and has made his mark on so many aspects of America. Now, he tackles the controversial subject of evolution versus Intelligent Design. Stein tells the Missourinet the tie between social Darwinism and Nazism’s effort to exterminate so-called inferior races has always disturbed him, “I would say probably the Nazis would have found some rationale to kill the Jews without Darwinism, but Darwinism made it awfully convenient for them.” For the past few years, Stein has been studying evolution. He says he has found it rests on little evidence. That led him to study the theory of Intelligent Design. Stein tells us this isn’t an insignificant point, “If man is just animated mud, mud struck by lightning, which is what some Darwinist, said then he has no moral content whatsoever. If man has a little touch of the divine within him, then he has plenty of moral content.” Stein says he hopes the film, due for release on the 18th, sparks a free and frank discussion of evolution.

Source: Missourinet: Stein talks Intelligent Design and other topics with the Missourinet


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