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Family Times Online – Archbishop Milingo visits Philippines

April 29, 2008

It was refreshing to see Pope Gregory XVI  confront, face to face, the victims for sexually errant priests.  It bodes well for better times.  Better times that Archbishop Milingo is working on.  The news media may be silent, he isn’t.  Married Priest Now is pointing clearly at the solution, “Become fruitful (mature in relationship with God), multiply (no explanation needed), and have dominion . . .” David


Archbishop Milingo visits Philippines Written by Ace Tuesday, 01 April 2008

Manila- The controversial but remaining strong as he was Archbishop Milingo of the Married Priests Now! group together with his wife Maria Sung arrived in the Philippines recently.

In March 28, 2008 a welcome dinner banquet in honor of the archbishop and his wife was celebrated hosted by the FFWPU Philippines at PanPacific Hotel Philippines at Malate, Manila. NSC Chairman of UM Philippines Gen Magsino introduced the Archbishop to the crowd of audience with respective guests and personalities from the government and religious sector.



Dr. Michael G. Zablan of UM Philippines welcomed the honored guests to the Philippines who offered his message to the audience including the married priests who were also around during the banquet.





Bishop Pedro Maglaya, Fr. Baral and Patriarch Teruel were also around together with members of the Unification Movement. (with reports and pictures from CIG Philippines Technical Team and Vincent Tambauan)



Family Times Online – Archbishop Milingo visits Philippines

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