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Bragging Rights: Nearly 100 point drop in Triglycerides

May 6, 2008

Late April 27, 2007 I was relatively happy about my results but the Triglycerides and some other Cholesterol warning signs. I was given a popular Cholesterol control prescription to take to bring things under control. I knew of no alternatives and gladly accepted the prescription and took it dutifully.


In August 2007 I was introduced to Univera’s Xtra and Prime. I heard about 300 to 400 billion cells being replaced each day in the human body. Logically, if better cells are replacing the older cells then the health and well being of the body can be renewed.

Receiving a two day gift supply of Univera’s Xtra from my friend, experienced an increase in energy, joint comfort and flexibility, and was able to handle stress much better. I didn’t walk away, it shouldn’t be a fluke of an experience. It wasn’t. After two months of genuine renewal and having read Stephen Cherniske’s , The Metabolic Plan, I decided to stop taking my pharmaceutical for Cholesterol and and added Prime to my regime. ( I told my doctor and would be checking up on the assumption in my next physical.)

After Six months after going solo with Univera’s nutraceutical supplementation, visiting the Doctor and getting my physical, the results were quite liberating. My confidence and my decision to take an alternative path to better health appears to be paying off handsomely. Take a look below at the April 2008 test results.


My nutritional regimen: Univera’s Ageless Xtra 2 x’s per day and Prime with DHEA in the morning and evening, each day. No side effects. Just an ongoing, abundant sense of health, well being and energy. Click on the images for info.

OH!!!! I almost forgot.

  • Lost my taste for coffee, which I worshiped regularly 3 to 4 big cups a day. It wasn’t a cerebral exercise.
  • Lost 35 lbs. I was 215 lbs in Aug 07 and April 08 I weigh 188 lbs and have been steady at this weight for the past two months
  • Gained an increasing appreciation for foods which are good for me, salads, vegetables, etc.
  • Stopped taking sodas and sugary drinks, naturally, no effort
  • Stopped taking energy drinks, naturally, no effort
  • My knee joints don’t ache and I have full range of motion for my right arm which was limited before
  • . . . you are beginning to get the idea . . . yes?!



Curious? Skeptical. That’s fine.

Click Here, listen to a Doctor who have some very good reasons for supporting what I ‘ve experienced.

Whether for health or the business just Login and enter 1302785. Look around. Like what you see? Click on the “Yes” I would like a gift. Or, if you’re already convinced, send me an email.

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