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Google Calendar Syncs With Outlook… But Not Very Well

May 6, 2008

Google Calendar Syncs With Outlook… But Not Very Well – Betaflow

Google Calendar Syncs With Outlook… But Not Very Well

07 Mar

Posted by Bryan Brannigan

calsyncgif.pngI saw the news today that Google Calendar Sync was released this week and with much excitement I downloaded the utility to give it a try. I have three calendars that I maintain: a professional calendar in Outlook hooked up to corporate Exchange, a professional calendar in iCal on my Mac, and a personal calendar also in iCal. Synchronizing all three calendars with my iPhone has become a challenge which left me to decide which calendar is most important for easy access… I chose my Outlook calendar. But, with Google Calendar Sync I should get the ability to synchronize my Outlook calendar with Google and then automatically download my Google Calendar in to iCal. Problem solved… or so I thought.

After setting up Calendar Sync the first thing I noticed on Google Calendar is that not all of my events showed up. Upon further investigation, 99% of my events didn’t show up. It turns out that Calendar Sync only sent the events that I had created and only the events that didn’t have any other invitees. Oh well, excitement averted. Back to choosing which calendar is most important.
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  1. May 6, 2008 11:45 am

    You might want to give a product we call Connect a try.

    Its a full feature Google and Outlook sync solution. We also have a version for Apple iCal and there is also a 30 Boxes sync option for all those 30 Boxes users out there. We’ve been working closely with Google on this and feel we have a strong solution.

    If you’d like to give it a go feel free to email us and we’ll see what we can set up.



    • 1familyman permalink
      June 23, 2009 12:34 pm

      Things sould be ironed out and running fine by now. Keep in touch. I am a heavy google calendar/Outlook/Plaxo User who hasn’t integrated my blackberry yet. =) Keep up the good work.

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