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New Site for Overcoming Cultural Discrimination

May 12, 2008

There are many forms of culture which have assumed the mantel of everlasting dogma.  You can recognize it by its heavy, presumptive use of power to quail anyone who questions the premise of their long established authority, their cultural paradigm.  History is littered with the dusty, broken edifices once erected by those who needed to have this power over the minds of man. 

The mind and heart of man is beyond fear and force.  Freedom and growth shall prevail.  The misuse of Darwin’s theory will become a dusty memory.  Here is proof.

This is no fly by night sight.  If you hear a any teacher, or professor who is unjustly discriminated against for offering other theories on the origin of man in contrast to Darwinism . . . put your information at this site.  Click HERE for the Web site. 

by Tom Magnuson 08:14:56 am, Categories: Books/Videos/Reviews, 112 words   English (US)

Slaughter of the Dissidents

A new Web site covers the problem of discrimination against Darwin skeptics. The Web site will document each case learned of and give advice on how to survive in academia. The Web site will also respond to the common false charges against individuals, such as the claim that there was no evidence that Dr. Gonzalez (Iowa State University) was denied tenure due to his support of intelligent design.

On the Web site, there is a form at the bottom of the page, which will give you a free chapter of an upcoming book. You will also get updates on what is going on with this projects.

Click HERE for the Web site.

Why is this post here? Freedom to pursue the truth is our irrevocable right.  The pursuit of truth is what this site is about.


The ID Update

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