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Somalian Woman, 23, Stoned To Death

October 28, 2008
Irshad Manji, a controversi...
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Hats off to Sky News for this window into the part of the Islamic world Ayaanenvisioned by fundamentalists supported through the funding from Saudi Arabia et al.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali, in her book ‘INFIDEL‘  describes her Muslim life in Somalia and Kenya.  She is now a member of the American Enterprise Institute.  Below this article from sky news are Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s description of the five groups that make up the Islam‘s influence in the world.  See is you can pick the Islamist type this Sky News article  Somalian Islamists belong to . . . (hint: there are at least two groups in this article.  Type  ___ those in the crowd.  Type ___ The ‘Islamist Leaders’.  Type ___ The ‘local Leader’ (He could be just like the crowd but afraid to say anything else but what the ‘Islamist Leaders’ want said and done.  The stoned woman’s sister is a lot like Ayaan and will possibly become a type 1 or type 2 Muslim.  Also notice that SKY has wisely not named the name of the article’s author, they don’t want that reporter to suffer the same fate as Thor Van Goeh.

There is a type of Muslim that Ayaan missed.  A Sixth Type:  People living near or around ‘Islamic leaders/fundamentalists’ who are scared to death to do other that what these ‘leaders’ proscribe.  There are a few in the crowd below.

A woman accused of adultery has been stoned to death by Islamists in Somalia.

Somali crowds gather at an execution

A Somali crowd gather at a public execution

The 23-year-old woman was buried up to her neck in front of hundreds of people in a square in Kismayu and stones were hurled at her head.

She was dragged out of the hole three times to see if she was dead.

When a relative and others surged forward to rescue her, guards opened fire and killed a child.

It is thought to be the first such public killing by the militants for about two years.

Witness Abdullahi Aden said: “A woman in green veil and black mask was brought in a car as we waited to watch the merciless act of stoning.

We were told she submitted herself to be punished, yet we could see her screaming as she was forcefully bound, legs and hands.

Witness Abdullahi Aden

“A relative of hers ran towards her, but the Islamists opened fire and killed a child.”

The Islamists last carried out public executions when they ruled Mogadishu and most of south Somalia for half of 2006.

They were toppled by allied Ethiopian and Somali government forces at the end of that year, but they have taken back land by waging an Iraq-style guerrilla campaign.

In parts, they are welcomed for the security they bring, but they are also imposing fundamentalist practices like banning entertainment seen as anti-Islamic.

Islamists said the woman, named as Asha Ibrahim Dhuhulow, wanted punishment under Sharia law.

Local leader Sheikh Hayakallah said: “She was asked several times to review her confession but she stressed that she wanted Sharia law and the deserved punishment to apply.”

But her sister, who asked not to be named, said: “The stoning was totally irreligious and illogical.

“Islam does not execute a woman for adultery unless four witnesses and the man with whom she committed sex are brought forward publicly.”

Islamist leaders at the execution said the woman had breached Islamic law and promised to punish the guard who had shot the child in the melee around the execution.

Click below to read the rest of this article.

Somalia: Woman, 23, Stoned To Death For Adultery, Guards Kill Child As Kismayu Crowd Rush Forward | World News | Sky News


The first group includes those Muslims who leave the faith because they cannot reconcile it with their conscience or with modernity. This group is important for the evolution of the Islamic world because they ask the urgent and critical questions believers usually avoid. Ex-Muslims living in the west are just beginning to find their voice and to take advantage of the spiritual and social freedoms available to them.

The second group is comprised of genuine Muslim reformers, such as Irshad Manji, who acknowledge the theological out-datedness of the Koranic commands and the immorality of the prophet. They tend to emphasize the early chapters in the Koran urging goodness, generosity and spirituality. They argue that the latter chapters wherein Islam is politicized and the concepts of sharia, jihad and martyrdom are introduced should be read in the context in which they were written, some 1,400 years ago.

The third group is made up of those Muslims who support the gradual perpetuation and domination of Islam throughout the world. They use the freedoms offered in democracy to undermine social modernity and, though initially opposed to the use of violence, foresee that once the number of believers reaches a critical mass the last remnants of unbelievers may then be dealt with in violence, and sharia law may be universally implemented. Ayatollah Khomeini used this method successfully in Iran. Erdogan of Turkey is following in his footsteps. Tariq Ramadan, deeply rooted in his Muslim Brotherhood heritage, is devoted to such a program among European Muslims.

The fourth group is the most obvious and immediately threatening. In this group we find a growing number of hard-line Muslims who have defined martyrdom as their only goal. This is an army of young men whipped into a frenzy of suicidal violence by power hungry clergy. These clergy have public platforms and work with impunity from institutions untouched and often funded by national authorities.

The fifth group is largely ineffective and only threatening in their refusal to acknowledge the truth. Here we find the elite clergy who make a show of trying to reconcile Islam with modernity. They are motivated by self-preservation and have no interest in true reform. They take selective passages from the holy books to make a case for a peaceful Islam, ignoring the many passages inciting violence, such as those verses which command the death of apostates.

Note: There is a type of Muslim that Ayaan missed.  A Sixth Type:  People living near or around ‘Islamic leaders/fundamentalists’ who are scared to death to do other that what these ‘leaders’ proscribe.  There are a few in the crowd pictured above.

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  1. Erick permalink
    November 20, 2008 7:09 am

    This is hideously backward, dastardly, and a pathetic crime. Someone needs to educate these tribes. No kind of “ritual”, however old and sacred it is, should tolerate this kind of heinous evil.

    • 1familyman permalink
      January 8, 2009 7:26 pm

      Interestingly enough . . . my daughter is writing about “The Role of Women in Islamic Culture”. I am opening her eyes. Thought you’d like to know. 🙂 Happy New Year.

      Eric. Are you in facebook? I am. My name is David Belfort.

  2. 1familyman permalink
    November 22, 2008 11:57 pm

    Thanks for your comment at the Family Party .

    If you read the book by Hirsi Ali ‘Infidel’ or “The Truth about Mohammed” by Robert Spencer you will get the answer to your question.

    Thanks for your comment at the Family Party . Ultimately the goal of this blog is to encourage us to see how we can move from the distances we arbitrarily grow between us, religion, nations, race, etc.. These distances allow us to have no feeling for others as family. These distances must and can be bridged. At the Family Party we will shed light on the reality of this bridge building. I encourage your participation.

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