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What do you think? The L.A. Times-Sen. Obama-Rashid Khalidi Tape Controversy « GretaWire

October 30, 2008

Click on the source link below and let them know what you think.  They mare read it on the air. 


What do you think? The L.A. Times-Sen. Obama-Rashid Khalidi Tape Controversy by Greta Van Susteren Weigh in! We want to hear from you!

Here’s what I have to say:

When Obama was running for the Illinois senate, he had no problems with his camp insisting his opponent’s private records, which his opponent wanted kept private for family reasons, be released to the public. The records were released under pressure from Obama and his opponent lost the election. Obama should allow the same principles of transparency which he has applied in the past. Obama should call on LA Times to release the video and audio. Obama should release his birth certificate. Obama should release his college papers from his days as a student at Columbia while under the tutelage of Kalid al Mansour.

Obama is hiding his past behind a MASK. Why? Because Obama’s finely honed Saul Alinsky MASK of goodness, kindness and righteousness for socialist revolutionaries is hiding an Obama who is really a figurehead for Michael-Ayers-like revolutionary-social communists;  . . . hiding an Obama who is the Liberator of Jeremiah Weight’s Theology of (racial hatred/class envy) Liberation; . . . hiding the Obama of Farrakhan’s Messiah/Community Organizer for lost youths and hiding the Obama who is inspirer, protector and funder of Acorn’s squirrels who gather nuts for the ballot box in hopes of spoiling an election suitable for fomenting division, mistrust, threatened riots and a contrived electoral result.

The mass media is insuring this charade extends to the desired conclusion: THE INAUGURATION OF THE MASK of goodness, kindness and righteousness.

After the inauguration . . . America will be left with what is behind the MASK: Obama the socialist communist distributor of wealth and class equalizer; Obama the Racial Messiah; Obama the the controller. Hello Weimar Republic, hello post-revolution Cuba.

Source: What do you think? The L.A. Times-Sen. Obama-Rashid Khalidi Tape Controversy « GretaWire


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  1. October 31, 2008 3:46 pm

    The left-wing media and the polls are so TOTALLY in the tank for Obama- it’s obscene.

    Don’t believe the polls.
    Don’t believe the media or the pundits.
    I was undecided until the Obama camp started “strong arm” tactics- like investigating Joe the Plumber, TV shows “cut off” from the Obama campaign, reporters whose newspapers came out for McCain- get thrown off the Obama place.
    He will be a dictator like Hugo Chavez.
    Too much baggage, too many questionable radical associations- plus he wants to re-write the Constitution. All the while- Pelosi and Reid and HIM?
    No way.

    McCain-Palin 2008

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