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Chapter 27 | Univera Associate Financial Growth and Collaboration Tool

November 28, 2008

The web is full of tools to support online collaboration.  In this case a site created by an associate in a relationship marketing company known as Univera.  In these financially uncertain times relationship marketing companies, like Univera, allows a person to take more control of their financial cash- flow engine and at the same time serve others with a valuable health service.

Chapter 27


Chapter 27 is an Internet tool for learning about networking and supporting the direct selling decision.  Your participation aids in the growth and understanding of what it takes to make a successful business, through direct sales, for ourselves and those in our business line.

Chapter 27’s title is inspired by Chapter 27 in the book by Robert Kiowsaki and Donald Trump, ‘Two Men, One Vision: Why We Want You To Become Rich’ which is focused on helping their reader understand the value of Direct Sales, Networking, Relationship Marketing as an ‘arm’s reach’ way to gain access through hard work and painful growth to the abundance of the Business Quadrant (defined as approximately 500 employees).

The Relationship Marketing of choice is Univera.  A new associate can invest $314 and when 4 others duplicate, the ROI is already in the black . . . $318.  Once started . . . why stop? Go all the way to the Business Quadrant.

Welcome.  I am your host David.  Feel free to email me for any concern you may have.

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