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Intelligent Design, Creationism and Darwinism are buzzing and alive on the Internet

December 11, 2008
Charles Darwin's 1837 sketch, his first diagra...

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Charles Darwin’s 1837 sketch, his first diagram of an evolutionary tree from his First Notebook on Transmutation of Species (1837) on view at the the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan.

As long as Darwinists degrade those who question and hold up other possible explanations for life, as long as they hold their theory as a Dogma of Faith for the Scientific Community, as long as they hold life as an evolutionary accident and Science Fact the controversy will not die . . .

Below is a one day sample of Internet activity on this subject.


 Charles Darwin Bicentenary
By viviennemackie
The controversy between ‘Evolution’ and ‘Creation’ has raged very strongly at times in the 150 years since Darwin’s book was published, and recently another contender, ‘Intelligent Design’, has entered the fray. …
Around and About with Viv –

Darwinism and Wikipedia
By mynym
It’s interesting that Martin Luther still receives more attention in the entry than Darwin does given that the Nazis themselves said that their beliefs had more to do with Darwin than Martin Luther. Their entry on Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design and More –

Darwin Worship Material
By Matthew Angle
James McGrath over at Exploring Our Matrix has a fun post here, about material that is meant to be used in churches to celebrate Darwin and evolution. The PDF even has a great little quip about the dangers of Intelligent Design. …
Analytic Angles –


This one looks really interesting, however, I feel the title and the overall gist of the article is positioned on evolution as . . . advancement of complexity over time and therefore at odds with creationists.  BUT.  The main point in this article is : Designer vs Atheism (Accident).  Muslim scientists are pro designer and anti accident.  So am I.  Anyway . . . let the debate rage on.

Muslim Scientists Prepare for Battle With Creationists
A Harris poll conducted in November found 47 percent of Americans accept Darwin’s theory of evolution while 40 percent believe instead in creationism. …
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