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From Soup to Nuts

January 27, 2009
Miller-Urey experiment (1953).

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Most of you may be familiar with a proof given for the evolution of life which goes like this . . . lighting, primordial atmospheric gases, lightning, heat, water, etc. finally producing  living organisms and eventually man.  Therefore the title.

An experiment by Miller-Urey set out to prove just that.  Hence the name: Miller-Urey Experiment.  However, problems have been found with the value of this experiment in proving the evolutionary advent of life.  So new versions of the Miller-Urey experiment have arisen. However, are these problems for proving the evolutionary origin of life resolved simply by tweaking the Miller-Urey experiment?   

Here is an episode from Intelligent Design The Future which may shed some light on the dilemma.  Hint: Be sure to refresh your understanding of ‘reduction‘ . Click this link to check it out:
Rehabilitating the Miller-Urey Experiment?


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