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Where’s the Stimulus

January 28, 2009

$335 million for STD PREVENTION after responding to criticism and taking out Pelosi’s $100 million for abortion and contraception pork.  That is what I call determined and tricky.Atlas Shrugged

Millions to AMTRAK for repairing and updating. Last time it made a profit was in 1966. Where’s the stimulus? ( see my note below on the BSTB)

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand was written in 1954 and is right on the money with this news.

Only 5% of the stimulus plan is earmarked of roads and bridges.


This stimulus is more like a Governmental- Munchausen syndrome – socialist way of caring for the ‘public welfare‘.  For me this attitude is expressed well in Miyazaki’s ‘Spirited Away‘ by Sento Chiro, a black blob of a character, who tosses out gold only to eventually devour the giftee.   Read Atlas Shrugged.

Billions for community planning with up to 750 eligible for non profit groups such as ACORN. Many people feel these organizations have a socialist agenda centering on racism, class-ism, et al.

Click this link for accuracy in the stimulus amounts
Where’s the stimulus?  Notice that everything seems to be for governmental entities or entities who’s life force comes from governmental funding. Anyway, on to some solutions.


In the 1950 the public debt was approx 27% of their income.  Now it is in the 130’s.  The people and the government needs a good dose of focused education in financial literacy from elementary school on up. 


USA corp. taxes are 2nd highest in the world.

Lower corporate taxes, making America a great place for business and reduce taxes so there is more money for commerce.  Let the movers and shakers of commerce growth without mothering them to fiscal death.  

Use the ‘Fair Tax‘ System.

Stop talking about our money as if it is the ‘Government’s money”.  Example: Part of the stimulus package is a tax reduction of sorts and they are including this as money spent in the stimulus program.  I’m getting dizzy.

Possible route of Intercontinental Peace Bridg...

Use 200 Billion to for the Bering Strait Tunnel Bridge; increase employment, commerce and international cooperation.  

When America was just trying out it’s legs . . . 202px-Water_Level_Route_on_US_map_croppedthe Erie Canal was begun.  Erie was a great boon for growth and social well being and so can the BSTB . . .  on an inter-hemispherical scale.  Oh! This would have a very healthy effect on the Railroads too.  AMTRAK might become profitable if the government will stimulate business vs Munchausen like mothering of the public good.  One ton can travel 400miles on a gallon of fuel!  Gee. Even the Greens would be happy?!

Finally, leave STD prevention up to parents and religious groups.  It is already well documented that crime thrives when families are broken and many single parents.   Don’t pass legislation that encourages sperm donor hood.  Do provide an environment which allow true parent hood and families to thrive.

Back to pounding rocks . . . somebody has to get ready for the BSTB.

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