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Social Networks Are Not Personal

February 20, 2009
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New to Social Networks?  There are some things you need to consider as you get started.  They are great tools.  However, you need to know how to use and why you use Social Networks like Facebook and twitter

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 Social Networks Are Not Personal   by Ben Yoskovitz

They’re professional.

There are plenty of social networks designed for personal use, but they all have professional implications and opportunities. And to ignore those issues is a mistake.

Your “Stuff” Is Exposed

Most social networks have some level of privacy to keep prying eyes away from your profile and content, but don’t assume it’s full proof. It’s safer to assume that anything you put on the Internet is public and always will be.

You can’t completely control who sees what you put online. Employers and potential employers can do a quick Google search and find out all kinds of things. The same holds true for a host of other people: law enforcement, creditors, business partners, etc.

But There’s Gold In Them Thar Social Networks

On the positive side, business opportunities abound on social networks, even if they weren’t designed for business. It’s simple. You put people together bound by common interests and get them hooked on participating with one another, and presto, business opportunities emerge.

Since starting on Facebook a month ago I’ve connected with numerous people from a business perspective, which may lead to future opportunities for Standout Jobs. I could have connected with those people via email, but social networks like Facebook (or tools like Twitter) captivate people’s attention; so it’s easier to reach them. When it comes to email, people are overwhelmed and generally hate it. So they’re slower to respond. But send someone a “friend request” on Facebook and they’ll answer almost immediately.

Regardless of whether you’re connecting with people online over your shared love of dogs, photos or cartoon dolls, you’ll build real relationships that can lead beyond the original purpose of the social network.

Social Networks Are Not Personal

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