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March 2, 2009
Jewish lemonade seller in Salonika (Thessaloniki)

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Soon many will be forced to into a situation where they can choose to become entrepreneurs or decay into a gibbering mass of complaints.   Seeing a world without a regular paycheck, not health care, and no time clock.  Those who choose to become entrepreneurs choose to train their mind and actions to create opportunity out of the economic quicksand.   They are the ones who build a bridge over the mess, sell maps on how to get around it or , like the the lemonade stand entrepreneur and seller for Thesolonika, help the march to become more enjoyable and comfortable.  Our schools train people to become good employees, “Go to school so you can get a good job”.   Now we need to open our eyes and learn from people who already know . . . How to become entrepreneurs.   Name which come to mind are, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump,

The first job is to change your thinking from ’employee thinking’; time clocks, safe, secure job with benefits.  Or change from the self employed thinking.   You’ve got to have entrepreneurial drive to create a business.  Banks are more inclined to loan to those who want to create an franchise.  The biggest pyramid in the world is like citibank  where few are at the top and many workers are at the bottom making little compared to those at the top.


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