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March 19, 2009
A Wal-Mart chain store

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These rumors have been ginned up in many varieties of the theme since 2005 and pushed about in almost every state in the US.  Click here to go to which specializes collecting and exposing rumors.  The latest one was here in Miami, FL.  My daughter text messaged me.  I sent the message to Wal-Mart administration at noon and the local media was coming out with the ‘False Rumor’ news by 2pm.  What hurt more was an associate at work said he had heard that a police type was saying a gang was sending this information out.  Yes, you could say that . . . depending on your definition of ‘gang’.   

And . . .hey, who doesn’t like Wal-Mart?   Gangs?  However, let’s check their modus operandi . . . 

Their tool:          Fear 

Their target:      The gullible. 

Their purpose:     Make big business, non-____ Wal-Mart suffer by getting gullible customers to stay away. 

So, who keeps resurrecting this ‘Gang Killing at Wal-Mart’ rumor?  Simple.  You wouldn’t believe me.  And if I nailed it they might nail my tires. Really, I want to keep shopping at Wal-Mart as long as I can and/or as long as the prices are low, low. low.  So, until we all become socialist pigs, here’s to the health and continued growth of Wal-Mart and other non-bailed-out, non-union, big businesses. Gang Targets Women at Wal-Mart

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