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Atlas Shrugs: SOROS: The Black Hand

March 27, 2009
WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 13:  Hedge fund manager ...

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The current government and its friends are at the throttle and its open, all the way.  Constitution city  has been left in the dust and Socialism tent city is in  the horizon.   Is Soros, a  the black hand behind the train?  And who do you think will help build the the government’s volunteer ‘army’ created by the HR 1388 (click on this link to see the Prohibited Activities or check your rights in at the door).

Why is this story here? You need to know where the train is going before you get on.  If you’re late in waking up . . .  make changes.  Try the 9/12 project.  Now, the story.

Look Who’s Buying IndyMac Larrey Johnson, American Thinker (March 3rd but relavant)

The FDIC has just announced that a consortium of private equity and hedge fund firms would be buying IndyMac. IndyMac was an independent "bridge bank" spun off of Countrywide Mortgage in the late 90s.  IndyMac acted as a "bridge bank" to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

New York Democrat Charles Shumer precipitated the fall of IndyMac in May of 2008 by releasing "inside" information that the mortgage company was in dire financial straits. This disclosure created the initial "bank run" that is credited by many economists as the initial trigger that prompted the current mortgage crisis. The FDIC took over the operations of IndyMac in late summer of 2008.

So much for history. George Soros is in on the deal to buy IndyMac from the FDIC. Soros has a long history of making loads of money by first creating a financial crisis and then stepping in to grab up the bargains. Perhaps the most famous example of this tactic is "Black Wednesday," when Soros nearly sunk the entire economy of Great Britain through currency speculation.

George Soros has helped bankroll the campaigns of the Democrats in Congress who created this mess. Now, it appears, he is cashing in on his investment.

Source: Atlas Shrugs: SOROS: The Black Hand


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