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Gate Crashing by Acorn on Tea Parties

April 4, 2009

masthead_formMorePerfectUnion Hat Tip To Founding Bloggers and From the Foothills Blogs for this information     Be sure to note well the advise given below on what to do about ACORN busting into the Tea Parties. 

For your FYI.  The colonists experienced this with the Torries.  Hey, if you’re interested in a nice T-Shirt for the Tea Party . . . Click Here .  Again, the tea parties are not focused on any one individual but on governmental irresponsibility with the use of tax money and and creation of debt.

From the ‘Founding Bloggers’

Has anyone else out there heard the rumors of ACORN “gate crashing” the tax day Tea Parties?

WARNING! ACORN ALERT (National Tea Party Day May 16th)

ACORN is “gate busting” Tea Parties nationwide. These far-left goons are attending them and misrepresenting their allegiance. They are getting petitions signed, misrepresenting them as opposition to the Obama agenda. They explain something different than that written on the petition. More fraud, and lies from Obama Acorn people. Please be careful when signing your name to anything at these Tea Parties.

This is interesting, because whether it is true or not, part of the goal is achieved none the less. As a result of people having to be aware of the possibility of dirty tricks like this, doubt is cast on all efforts to gain signatures on anything. That is what the ACORN lives for. Sewing doubt in legitimate democratic processes.

One way to handle this is to make sure to politely ask anyone gathering signatures if they wouldn’t mind being photographed with the document they are asking people to sign. Anyone attending a tea party in pubic should expect to end up on camera at some point. Recording devices are ubiquitous so there is certainly no expectation to privacy.

That way, when fraud is detected, the person committing it will have been thoroughly documented.

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  1. Lisa Stanley permalink
    April 5, 2009 2:08 am

    URGENT– Please forward this email to all of your friends. Have them forward it to their friends. We need a wildfire!!!
    People, we need to prepare before it’s too late! Everyone I know seems way too casual about this. There are only one and a half weeks until the tax day Tea Parties. The time to prepare is now before time slips away the way it usually does. You can make your hand-drawn signs the morning of the protest, but if you intend to wear a Tea Party shirt, jacket, pin or hat, you’d better order now to get them in time. Plain shirts won’t cut it for the cameras. To the exent the MSM covers the Tea Parties, their lenses simply HAVE to relay our message. Our message must be everywhere. You can also make your own professional looking banners and posters and yard signs at, but that also takes a week or more for manufacture and delivery–so get moving TODAY! Either we get moving or we lose our beloved country. No one else is going to do it. Motivate your friends! Don’t wait until it’s too late.

    For custom posters and banners and other stuff:

    For shirts and other stuff:

    Tea Party call to action please forward to all your friends!!!

  2. April 7, 2009 10:32 am

    I posted this on my blog as well. True or not, I would not put this past those NUTS at ACORN.

    • 1familyman permalink
      April 8, 2009 6:18 pm

      Rush mentioned this on his radio broadcast today. Main point. Don’t give them notice. Anyway, I believe they will create some theater act of their own regardless of what happens at the Tea Parties.

  3. October 30, 2010 4:23 am

    Maybe you could make changes to the webpage name title Gate Crashing by Acorn on Tea Parties The Family Party to more generic for your content you write. I enjoyed the blog post all the same.

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