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Find Your Legislators :

April 5, 2009
Work of the United States Senate, Credited to ...

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Check your voter registration card:
Each address in Florida is associated with a single state senate district, a single state house district, and a single congressional district. This district information is printed on your voter registration card. United States Senators are elected statewide.

Find your Legislators by ZIP+4 Code:
Enter your ZIP Code, preferably with the ZIP+4 extension, in the box below. The U.S. Postal Service provides a ZIP+4 Lookup Service. Do not enter the ZIP+4 Code for a post office box.

Click here to find your Florida Representative.

They have telephone numbers too.

Contact your supervisor of elections:
To verify district assignments or get further information about voting districts and precincts in your area, contact your county’s supervisor of elections.

Links to Senators’ home pages and to district maps:
Links to Senators’ home pages can be sorted by name, county, district, or party. Detailed senate district maps and maps of adopted senate, house, and congressional redistricting plans show which areas are in which districts. To open an interactive statewide map with simple navigation controls, click District Browser. To open an interactive statewide map with additional layers and features, click District Explorer (contains JavaScript). Help files are available within both District Browser and District Explorer. For more information, see the 2002 redistricting information that is available online.

Local delegations:
The Listing of Local Legislative Delegations [PDF] contains the names and district numbers of House and Senate members comprising Florida’s local legislative delegations, the address and telephone number of the delegation chairperson, the names of the other delegation officers (if any), and the delegation office contact information.


Source: Senators :Find Your Legislators

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