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Phone Recording | Skype and Pamela Business

May 25, 2009
Skype Limited

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In business, politics and other forms of out reach . . .   approximately 45% is done via phone; 25% through social events and 30% face to face.  Being able to master the information gained from phone time is essential.  Some take notes.  Others have fantastic memories.  I find that using ‘Pamela for Skype’ is useful for :
  • Special conference calls
  • Guest speakers ( call your Skype # which can automatically start recording (if you set it up that way)  and finishes when you hang up
  • Important conversations
  • Anything coming over the phone which you value.
  • With a few more clicks you can add these recordings to a background player called the “Mega Emotion Player’.
  • Politeness and the law  requires that you inform others of your intention to record, unless the recording is solely for your use.
  • Wisdom requires that you keep your recordings safe from irresponsible use and distribution. Pamela has these controls.
  • Recording Announcement: ( letting the other party know the phone conversation may be recorded) which gives the other party the opportunity to opt out of being recorded.  This is  for distribution-sensitive environments ( how the recording is used ) is not controllable.
  • Recordings which I which I place in the ‘Mega Player’ to play when on the phone on a one on one or conference to support a topic.  This is a unique and controlled environment.  You are in complete control of the recording.
  • Recording in mp3 format allows for download it into my mp3 player which takes half as much space on the drive as the wav format.,

    Either way this is worth trying and you can do so without cost by going to your Skype –> Tools –> Extras –> Pamela and download from there for a free Skype version which stops recording after 15 min. 

    Final note:  I have tried the other call recorders available for Skype.  I have found that Pamela is a cost effective, simple (intuitive user interfacing) , with tools that are easy to use.  I give it my highest rating:

    I USE IT


  • Intuitive, Skype compatible user interface
  • Integrated Outlook toolbar
  • Record any type of Skype call
  • Record Skype Video and Chats
  • Local Skype answering machine
  • Video answering machine
  • Supports Skype Voicemail
  • Copy Skype Voicemails to local file
  • Birthday Notifications
  • Rich Mood Editor. Spice up your Skype Mood
  • Take notes during a call or add them later
  • Use the Emotion Sounds Player to play cool sounds during a call
  • Automatic call recording (In- Outbound or both)
  • Disable call recording warning
  • Automatic Skype chat reply while you are away
  • Supports natively MP3, WAV and OGG. Additionally any installed codec too
  • Much more…

    Also: Pamela Fax charges per sheet sent, useful for those who only send faxes occasionally.


  • Source: Pamela Store | Pamela Business

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