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Why Make the Effort to Succeed in MLM?

July 24, 2009

Image by CR Artist via Flickr

If you think the only way one becomes rich is to either inherit wealth or win the lottery and or most rich people stole money from others to be rich then you are right.  Don’t waste you time reading further.

For any of the rest of you who believe wealth is a reward which received by those with vision, hard work, team work and perseverance.  These ‘wealthy’  people, regardless of their station in life, work hard to provide a desired, good product to a grateful consumer and enjoy the fruits thereof. . .  then . . . read on.

You’ll become the better for it. 

Yes, you or someone you know may have . . .

  • failed in an MLM effort or
  • were ‘taken’ by an unscrupulous MLM upline  or
  • lost your way because your MLM failed or
  • the list can go on and on . . .

HECK . . . people and companies fail, are suckered, or are left high and dry by something or someone . . .  everyday from school age into their last days. So what.  Get over it. 

MLM’s are a legitimate alternative to the traditional multi-leveled distribution system.  For those manufacturers who choose, all the mark-up from production to the consumer is given to their MLMers instead.  

If you were a manufacturer of a unique, consumable product who would you rather pay to distribute and market your products ? 

  • Multi-Level-Marketing System: 

A consumer who loves your products, tells others about these products producing sales and

A consumer/ agent ( up-line )who teach others ( down-line ) how they can do the same resulting in the production of more sales and finding / training / maintaining more agents, who receive their benefit based on their ability to produce or

  • Traditional Marketing/Distribution/Sales System 

Paying a professional distributor/marketer/sales team who will get your product to consumer with the same professionalism as they would for your competitor and charge you according to their credentialed and historical expertise and production of results.  Generally, this is regardless of which manufacturer has the best quality.


Health Supplement, Cosmetic,  legal  and other manufacturers and services are choosing MLM for their distribution/sales solution and therefore insure their consumers have the best opportunity to understand their value.

Knowing this Robert and Donald point out these MLM benefits in Chapter 27:

  1. Anyone can start $50 to $1000 +/-
  2. Requires no previous skill set or training and
  3. Trainable people have leaders who will stand by to support and train them until they can succeed. ( For some this may take months and for some this process may take years.  The key point: Being Trainable and Quality Training)
  4. You grow in your ability to truly care about others
  5. They can work part-time AND
  6. AND with perseverance you  may become a leader who is well  respected and as rich as you want to become.

       You’ll become the better for succeeding in MLM.

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