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A Bering Strait ‘Gold Rush’ is Upon Us

January 25, 2010
Bering strait, image taken by MISR sattelite.
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The Bering Strait Tunnel-Bridge is truly a shovel ready project with great value for all economies.  Just think of the opportunity all you entrepreneurs out there.  A Bering Strait ‘Gold Rush” is coming.

“The Magadan Region Territorial Planning Scheme takes into account the strategy for the development of both the Far East and Russia [as a whole]. It includes, for example, such a ‘megaproject’ as the Transcontinental Railway BAM-Yakutsk-Uelen [where BAM stands for Baikal-Amur Mainline], with a line through Magadan Region and a tunnel across the Bering Strait to Alaska—a project which has been included in the Russian Federation Transport Strategy for the Period to 2030, and which is viewed by the Russian and U.S. Governments as the greatest infrastructure project of the 21st century. In the long term, completion of this Transcontinental Railway to Alaska will make it possible to diversify the raw-materials orientation of the Magadan Region’s economy, with the creation in the city of Magadan of a new, multimodal transportation node, through which freight flows connecting Canada and the U.S.A. with the Pacific nations will pass. This means the railway, first and foremost, but also a role for Magadan Region in a Transarctic Air Corridor, connecting America, Southeast Asia, and Australia by the shortest routes; and it means the development and rebirth of the importance of the Port of Magadan on the Sea of Okhotsk.”

Learn more via IntelliBriefs: Russia Seeks To Develop Far East; Invites U.S. Role.

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