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NumbersUSA : "No Amnesty" Resolution

February 4, 2010

David Imagine:  You are sitting in your home, eating.  Someone breaks and crawls through your window, comes to your supper table demanding a place there and  fed.

1.  If any of my family did this . . . I would send them outside and let them stay there until they learned how to respect themselves enough to respect others. 

2.   I would also go outside to find a way to awaken my ‘relative’ to the joyful life of family.

The resolution below is only half the action needed to nurture family life (party) for all.

Click the underlined to Send This Free Fax!  Urge your Rep. to Support the ‘NO AMNESTY’ Resolution!  Send the FREE FAX found below and urge your U.S. Representative to support the “No Amnesty” Resolution!

Dear [This fax will go to Your U.S. Representative]

Please cosponsor H. Res. 1026 and prove that you oppose amnesty, support E-Verify, and support securing our nation’s borders!
H. Res. 1026, the Bipartisan Reform of Immigration through Defining Good Enforcement Resolution, is a bipartisan resolution that calls for the mandatory use of the E-Verify system, calls for the securing of our nation’s porous borders, and states that any immigration reform passed by Congress should not include any amnesty or legalization of illegal aliens.
I am positive you will agree with the sentiments of this resolution and support it immediately! In case you need further convincing, please remember that more than 15 million unemployed Americans.  Each of this resolution’s three main points would put American workers back to work.
Please cosponsor H. Res. 1026 and show your constituents that you are doing all you can to secure our nation and to help your unemployed constituents find a job.

Sincerely, [Your name will appear here]


I also recommend that you set up an account (click on the icon below)  and take action (this is still a Democracy) with the excellent services provided at:


| NumbersUSA

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