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Tesla Science Conference 2011

February 10, 2011
Nikola Tesla, with Rudjer Boscovich's book &qu...

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I once stayed in the New Yorker Hotel where Tesla lived during the later part of his life.  Here is a video biography to give you some insight into the challenges of his life.   There is much that can be learned about creativity and the extra burden born by those who persevere to  bring their inspiration and vision into reality.

Goal of this post is To inspire the presentation of Dr. Fukai’s Sosei water and it’s capacity to support Hydrogen Production and Green Emulsion (fuel emulsified with Sosei water) at the Tesla Science Conference.  Abstracts for presenters are due March 30, 2011. Final paper and chart submittals are due by May 31, 2011.

Talks on experimental results are given priority over theoretical ones. Demonstrations are highly encouraged. Send abstract submissions and inquiries to the following email address:

Tesla Science Conference, Fri.-Sun., July 7-10,  215-253-5610, Click link for submittal format and specifications.

TEIC 2010 conference

7 Videos about Nichola Tesla the man, the inventor, the pioneer.
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