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April 4, 2011
Identity Theft

Image by borkweb via Flickr


In this instance the hackers got Name and email  Put’em together and in some cases ID thieves can go a long way. 



Email security breach widens, includes Disney, Walgreens, Best Buy, Tivo, Kroger, banks, others  Palm Beach Post 4/4/11

The companies all use the same marketing and communications vendor, Epsilon. It’s a leading marketing services firm that sends more than 40 billion emails annually and has more than 2,500 clients including seven of the Fortune 10. Epsilon, based in Dallas, issued a brief statement on Friday saying "a full investigation was under way" following the discovery of the breach of some customer client data. The company said that information obtained was limited to names and email addresses and that "no other personal identifiable information associated with the names was at risk."

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Identity Theft

Are you aware of the serious toll identity theft can take on your life? Identity thieves target millions of Americans, even children, each year. Thieves can wreak havoc on finances, credit history, cause time off work and a great deal of stress trying to resolve the matter. Take action now against this devastating crime with the Identity Theft ShieldSM from Pre-Paid Legal. Our valuable services include licensed experts that will step in and assist you in resolving your identity theft issue, so you can get back to work and back to your life.

Email security breach widens, includes Disney, Walgreens, Best Buy, Tivo, Kroger, banks, others

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