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Head Wing : Mankind’s Parental Ideology

May 25, 2011
Cain and Abel

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From the beginning the ‘parents’ have not known how to guide their children into the new world beyond themselves.

"In uniting the left and right wings, the endeavors of one side, whether
left or right, would not suffice. Instead, the head wing must emerge at this
point, which is why we are talking about the emergence of head-wing thought.
Humanism and materialism, which assert human beings to be the greatest of
all beings, would be of no use here. They would not be adequate at all. We
need to revert to the path based on God‘s will and centered upon His
original heart. The question is how we can present these issues to the world
and connect the cultural backgrounds of the East and West, which are
presently alienated from each other.
True peace for humanity cannot be attained by the right wing or left wing
alone. The reason for this is that the fundamental motives of both right and
left are not free from egoism. If people are self-centered and
nationalistic, there will be everlasting conflicts of interest, and unity
and peace could not possibly be found there.

… the left- and right-wing ideologies … are in the position of the
brother ideologies of Cain and Abel. So a new ideology should emerge from
the East as the way of the Parent. Centering upon the Parents and Asia, left
and right must unite. The Way of the Parent is none other than head-wing
thought. Thus, when the head wing tells the left and right, "You are wrong!"
they will answer, "Yes, we are," and when it tells them, "Listen to me!"
they will answer, "Yes, of course." Everything will then work out fine. When
told that what the parents are asserting is much better than what they are
claiming, and that they should follow the parents, they will answer, "Yes."

The path of restoration is not easy at all. Now is the era marking the end
of left and right. As he breathed his last, between the thieves on his left
and right, Jesus left behind on earth lasting parental grief. Thus, unless
we, with the God-centered way of the Parent and head-wing thought, discuss
the realm of unity at a place that is free from the accusations of the left
or the right, and thus create an environment in which, instead of
retreating, we continuously march forward, God’s kingdom cannot be
established. Such is the time now. In this sense, I have come forth with
Godism and head-wing thought, and am working to digest the divisive left-
and right-wing ideologies.

What is head-wing thought? Left and right wings are in constant conflict
because there is no head figure. Thus, if there were a head figure, it would
be possible to combine the three ideologies of head-wing thought, left-wing
thought and right-wing thought into an integrated whole. Isn’t that so? Then
what would be the central figure of this integrated ideology? However much
you think this through, you will finally conclude that the head is the root
of the entire nervous system and the central nerve of the body, and as such,
nothing could be done without it. Then what, or who, would be the root of
roots? No one knows the answer to this question. The root of roots is God:
head-wing thought comes from God.

Left- and right-wing ideologies should get along with each other like twins
who, even when they are held together in their mother’s bosom and are made
to share her milk, do not try to kick at each other but are willing to
change places if need be. If Adam and Eve do not stand in the position of
having loved in such a manner in God’s bosom, His kingdom cannot emerge.

You must follow only God and the True Parents and nothing else. Otherwise,
you will not be able to establish the original heavenly tradition in the
satanic world. Satan is not part of the heavenly tradition, so he cannot
last long. As the time for this tradition is coming, his end is drawing
near, and so the end for Kim Il-sung, the Soviet Union and even the United
States will soon be in sight. Only my God-centered ideology will remain in
this world as head-wing thought. It is the head wing. With the right wing on
the right hand and the left wing on the left hand, standing on an equal
level with each other, and the head wing on top to manage them both, all it
will need will be for them to make a 180-degree turn. On the day that the
left stands on the right and the right on the left, everything will be

The whole world, not just Korea, is in chaos due to the collapse of values.
Up until this time, to such a world I have emphasized the importance of
absolute values based on love … I have proclaimed head-wing thought and
have guided this world to rectify the wrongs of the left and right wings, so
that we could all advance into a new and better world…We should strive to
achieve, through Godism and head-wing thought, not only the unification of
our homeland, but also the elimination of the cultural gap between East and
West, as well as the economic gap between North and South. This is the first
step in building a world of peace, where global humanity becomes one great
extended family of true love. (

We need to reunify divided South and North Korea and bridge the economic gap
that exists between the two states. We have to unify the cultures of East
and West. We must do away with racial and cultural discrimination and become
all-unifying. Through what then can we be united? The world has been
deprived of the one absolute love, so once we are firmly established on
earth through that love, the cries of opposition … are bound to disappear.
All the peoples of this world, regardless of gender and age, would be
enveloped as one body in this great blanket of love, and all the people in
the spirit world would want to be wrapped up in this blanket as well! Thus,
cosmic unification through the application of head-wing thought is not just
mere words, but something that will be accomplished! Amen!"

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