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Leadership Takes A Hike

September 20, 2011

This Insurance video (currently on TV) shows the lighter, brighter side of hiking.   An opportunity to  grow in appreciation of nature, others and yourself as we DREAM BIG.  This video speaks of trust.  Trust is a value which appears when there is true leadership.  True North Adventures Outdoors Education’s leadership development program uses hiking in the mountains of Montana and experiential learning  to develop the character of those who willingly follow.  Leadership, and four core values of . . .

  1. Living for the greater good / others
  2. Dreaming big
  3. Ownership
  4. Teamwork

are surprisingly well  integrated by Keith MacMurdie into every aspect of this unique outdoor, real-time education:

Just over six years ago Keith created True North Adventures Outdoor Education from a dream to a functioning, healthy reality.  His desire was to demonstrate what can result when employees are  introduced to the four core values, through TNAOE  in the the most impartial, automatic feedback classroom of all . . . NATURE . . . 93560009.  Successful graduates can go on to lead well, creating a healthy, expanding business culture.

True World Group / True World Foods has recognized the quality and usefulness of True North’s Outdoor Education’s experiential training program and has been sending several teams from their nationwide operation.  They believe this will  result in  benefits for the  individual, those whom they lead and serve, the company’s business culture and ultimately . . .  society’s well being.

Resources:              —————————————————————–

Quotes from the Chairman, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, who believes passionately in the need to educate leaders in character and that nature is the best place to do just that.  .  . and . . .

The Truth About Leadership: The No-fads, to the Heart-of-the-Matter Facts You Need to Know


Publisher’s Summary

In these turbulent times, when the very foundations of organizations and societies are being shaken, leaders need to move beyond the pessimistic predictions, the trendy fads, and the simplistic solutions. They need to turn to what’s real and what’s proven, to understand what the evidence tells us about how exemplary leaders get extraordinary things done. This is the imperative that best-selling, award-winning authors James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner have undertaken in their engaging, personal, and bold new audiobook, The Truth About Leadership.


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  1. September 21, 2011 9:55 pm

    It would have been neat to try out the HULC (Human Universal Load Carrier ) when climbing 10,500ft. HollowTop Mountain. Take a look at the video.

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